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Mobile App Testing Company

Almost 2/3rd of the world's population have a smartphone and rely on mobile apps for business and entertainment purposes. According to research, roughly 25% of users will give up using an app after using it for the first time.
As a mobile app testing company, we leverage the the technicians available to ensure your success.
As a premier mobile application testing company, we ensure that users keep using applications that clients build for them and assure seamless integrations. knocking out defects Experience and agility, along with high-quality high automation, test execution are at our core.
Be it performance or functional, compatibility, or security, Open Ascension is the 360-degree mobile app testing and ongoing support company with deep customer focus. For an unbiased quality review, real users are essential, and that's why our methods prove to be time-saving and purpose centric. For a mobile application to provide tremendous cost and time management, you need proactive mobile app testing services. As a mobile app testing company, our goal is to ensure a bug and problem-free application as we empower your business via our mobile application testing services.

Why Mobile App Testing?


  • Cost: Automated mobile app testing will mitigate your overall app test analysis cost due to less manual work.
  • Time to Market: Mobile app testing mitigates the length of time, which an app takes to be available for sale in the market.
  • Quality: App testing improves the overall app quality through the identification of every possible security and performance bottlenecks.
  • Compatibility: Our app testing will ensure the compatibility of your app with every diverse nature IT device.
  • User Appreciation: Users continue using an app that’s updated and tested recurrently.
  • Security: Mobile app testing will offer end-to-end protection against security vulnerabilities.

What We Test

With the blend of the latest industry practices and our mobile application testers' skills, Open Ascension follows a 360-degree test protocol. From Android to iOS testing, Open Ascension is well-equipped to offer extensive testing of hybrid mobile apps alongside its development.

Innovation awaits. Ready?

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