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Process Mining

Collecting the Process Variants in the Insurance Collections Department


Shared Services Center of a Multi-line Global Insurance Major Scenario

The company was plagued by repeated failures in optimization, capacity planning and compliance. A potential cause is the lack of in-depth process discovery of As-Is state

Of course, the collection departments’ processes at the firm are complex and cumbersome. As a part of the initial efforts, a team of (human) business analysts tried to map all the processes using standard techniques – documentation review, shadowing users, expert interviews, and workshops. Considering the size of the collections’ operations and the inherent complexity of the process, the business analysts were able to compile a high-level happy path without capturing the nuances, permutations and exceptions. As a result, efforts at automation, consolidation, capacity planning, and employee training fell short of expectations and the benefits of all the spend remain elusive

Solution: Skan.ai

Skan CPX (Cognitive Process Xtraction) observed the ad hoc digital traces of the payment process execution across 200 agents for 2 weeks. CPX synthesized the most granular metamodel of the business process based on 176,000 daily observations. CPX discovered 18 variants of the payment process that made up 80 percent of the throughput.


  • 12X improvement in process compliance
  • 16 opportunities identified for changes in application/ tooling
  • 22 opportunities identified for agent training
  • 14 daily average compliance related steps fixed
  • 600% improvement in capacity planning/ forecasting
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