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Mobile App Development Services

As a leader in app development firm, we indulge in consumer and enterprise app development that offers a sophisticated and engaging mobile experience on any platform and device.

Why Mobile Apps?

Mobile phones and tablets are the preferred devise. 50% of smartphone users on the planet believe that they cannot live without their gizmo.
Many users think that a feature-rich, non-intrusive mobile experience is vital across every handheld mobile device and tablet.
Utilizing our cross-platform, native mobile app development expertise and experience in both Android and iOS platforms, we have mastered the art of developing power-pack applications with stunning UI/UX that defy expectations.
Using the latest APIs, SDKs, and development platforms, we tap deep into the operating systems, conjuring groundbreaking solutions that ensure high user adoption.

The Open Ascension Advantage

  • Performance: Our professional app developers create system architectures that guarantee the ideal working of mobile applications. This is through adopting approaches that facilitate the lowest overheads.
  • Secure: Security is a feature that is never compromised. From the initial development phase, we employ a mobile security paradigm that finds the right balance between mitigation of risk and usability without compromising UX.
  • Scalable: We code apps that offer performance, ensuring interoperability and developing on leading platforms such as Native, React and Ionic
  • User Experience: With UX, CX and EX at the center of our approach, we create apps that promise to gratify.

Our Approach to a Successful Project

  • Project Vision: To understand the project vision and business needs, our cycle starts with all-encompassing discussions. If you already have any project documentation, our analysts will go through it to estimate the required budget. Meetings occur to guarantee unmatched customer service in terms of both cost and quality.
  • Technology Consultation: Our technology team professionals will guide you in selecting the best technology mix for your need. Our developers continuously implement, learn, and research new tools and frameworks popular across the globe.
  • Business Analysis, Software Prototyping, and Architecture: After a comprehensive business analysis of both functional/non-functional requirements we move to prototyping. Using business processes, data flow design, and functional analysis, we acquire in-depth knowledge regarding the projects. Our goal is to come up with a scalable, efficient architecture.
  • UX/UI: Our extraordinarily creative UI and UX designers build elegant designs that stand out from the crowd. Our UX designers are aware of the pain points a user can feel and ensure the created app is free from any distraction. Once the prototype validates the user needs and value proposition, the final product comes to life. Then, the UI designer comes and adds a visual element to the validated prototype to make it look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Quality Assurance: Quality assurance standards continues throughout the development. Our quality assurance teams use the latest software testing techniques and automated tools to make sure that the delivered project is of the highest quality. Our QA professionals work closely with our development team to churn a refined product out that offers real value for your business via innovation.
  • Development: Our team of professional developers creates projects with the best frameworks available in the market. They build mobile applications that are highly engaging and power-packed with features. Our applications are high performance and robust in structure. Our mobile applications are available in both hybrid and native platforms, depending on the requirements of the clients.
  • Deployment: Our deployment methodology enables the developed application to run at optimized levels once it has gone on the apps stores.
  • Maintenance and Support: We offer maintenance and support services that provide exceptional customer satisfaction. We roll out iterative updates and deploy speedy security patches as needed. We also offer app store optimization services so that your app stays at the top in the app store searches.

Web Development Services

We makes use of the latest innovative technology in web development. This ensures your website will have no issues with compatibility or speed. Contact us to get started on your web and mobile app development services journey.

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