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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Consultants in the US

RPA or Robotic Process Automation has changed the way companies operate. All companies today are under pressure to keep evolving with technology or risk losing market share.
Open Ascension has successfully implemented RPA solutions for companies in the US for various use-cases, including RPA in the banking sector.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

RPA is a software that offers a virtual workforce. It's used to perform repetitive tasks that humans do Using the existing applications and platforms the bots emulate the activities. Overall, this is what RPA software can do for you:

  • Perform structured, repetitive transaction processes.
  • Scale-up processes and operations rapidly in your organization
  • Update and interact with more than one application in a transactional manner to sync everything
  • Validate data that is complicated for individuals to understand
  • Perform calculations faster than humans without the need for rest, pay or healthcare.

Using RPA to perform financial reporting, operational workflows, supply chain and customer service activity are all in play in today’s businesses to ensure a lower cost of service, a higher employee satisfaction and, the most loyal of customers. All at reasonable costs and low investment.

Why Deploy Robots When There Are Humans?

There are three areas where RPA can be beneficial than performing specific tasks with humans:

  • Enhanced the cost efficiency for the processes currently performed;
  • Assists in remaining in control in a highly dynamic environment;
  • Focus utilizing human skills for much more value-added tasks
  • Robots are 24/7 operational
  • With RPA robots, accuracy is 100% so rework is zeroRobots are more efficient in performing tasks
  • No sick leave, 24/7
  • Robots can process in parallel

What’s the Business Value/Return on Investment for RPA Implementation?

RPA is a proven tech. Similar to how computers replaced calculators for better business efficiency, RPA is being used to create businesses that are better, faster than their competitors. Here are some quick prospective business value or RPA in reporting operations related to profit and loss.

  • Over 50% of annual operational productivity gains across the firm
  • From record to reporting, implement an end-to-end intelligent automation solution
  • Boost in productivity; RPA robots are considered to perform tasks faster than humans; this enables us to be 99.99% available throughout the year, and the bots work tirelessly with fewer regulatory violations and errors

How can Open Ascension Help You with RPA?

Welcoming RPA processes into your business could be a big challenge. Working with a renowned company is essential to ensure the transition is smooth.
The RPA advisory services of Open Ascension can make the transition easy, support you with the challenges, and deliver quality the Open Ascension way for your firm.
Our experienced RPA pros bring in a unique mix of expertise and a tremendous depth of knowledge in RPA to assist you in complete business automation.

Being one of the leading robotic process automation companies; Open Ascension is partnered with and is a reseller for the latest and best RPA software makers in the world. Ensuring that you have a choice, a best fit and, the lowest adoption cost available.
Implementation starts with product selection but, also with process discovery. So whether by human or software, Open Ascension provides options to use automation in process identification (what we call a digital process analyst) or a traditional approach leveraging a BA.

Innovation awaits. Ready?

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