Open Ascension offers traditional staffing services as well as project executions. We work with you to generate a job description or, take your job description and first look internally for a vetted resource. If none are available, we then will provide resumes of candidates in North America, South America or India. Working with both a solutions/project firm like Open Ascension offers a distinct advantage as the technology is better understood so that the offered resources are better vetted. Allowing you to get the right candidate for the job the first time. As well, Open Ascension also knows that traditional staffing is not always the right answer.

Outstaffing: Often, clients are looking for a dedicated team that they can manage, typically in a foreign country. For this, Open Ascension provides out-staffing. A way to build out a team, in a single facility or a software factory without the need to be in the location. Leave the recruiting, localized constraints management, personnel management and facilities negotiation to us for a small monthly fee.

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