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Strong Collection Of Advanced Technologies At Open Ascension

Robotic Process Automation

UiPath is a Gartner MQ leader in robotic process automation that offers an easy-to-use, easy-to-install and configure, highly integrative solution stack that allows you and your organization the opportunity to go automation-first, to drive ROI out of your processes, the software and overall, drive the cost of doing business down significantly.

All of the Fortune 500 leverage RPA and, UiPath boasts many of them as clients. The ultimate in RPA, Open Ascension is a UiPath partner and, invites you to explore this product with us to ensure that it is right for you and understand what it will take to adopt one of the latest and greatest advancements in automation in 20 years.

Robotic Process Automation

AA as it is referred to in the market, is a Gartner MQ leader in robotic process automation that offers an easy-to-use, easy-to-install and configure, highly integrative solution stack that allows you and your organization the opportunity to go automation-first, to drive ROI out of your processes, the software and overall, drive the cost of doing business down significantly.

It boasts a better experience when scaling and offers packs of licenses to get you and your company going on the right path with RPA. Like UiPath it boasts many customers in the F-500 and has a solid and long track record of innovation, product release and solid customer service. Open Ascension is an Automation Anywhere partner and, invites you to explore this product with us to ensure that it is right for you and understand what it will take to adopt one of the latest and greatest in category.

We have strong partnerships with the world's top tech companies.


Process Mining

Celonis is THE Gartner MQ leader in Process Mining that offers an easy-to-use, highly integrative solution that allows you and your organization the opportunity to create a “superfluid enterprise”. Unlike Skan.ai, the Celonis product extracts knowledge from event logs which discovers, monitors, and improves processes. Ascension Tech is a Celonis partner and supports its proliferation, understanding, resale and support into the global market. Give us a ring to discuss process mining, Celonis and how this might work for you and your organization.

Process Discovery

Process discovery is all the rage these days and is a latest entrant into the advanced technologies and innovations category of solutions available in the market today. Open Ascension is a foundational consulting firm that knows process mining well and, advises clients on approach, product selection, implementation and support of this ground-breaking tech.


Partnering with the best in class, Open Ascension offers Skan.ai as a choice when it comes to process discovery tools and loves what this product does, how it does it and, supports its great potential in market.

Skan CPX is the next evolution of process mining incorporating computer vision and deep learning to fully digitize known, dark, and invisible processes into a process abstraction. The ensuing digital twin allows for modeling, simulation, predictions, and conformance to power the digital enterprise. Contact us today to explore Skan CPX and what process mining can do for you and your organization.


When it comes to Microsoft and its portfolio, you have an over abundance of choice when it comes to a partner you leverage. At Open Ascension, we understand this and offer our clients more of a niche expertise. We focus on and deliver success in Microsoft via PowerBI, PowerApps, Azure and, the new comer, Microsoft’s RPA solution, Power Automate

More: Power Automate | Power BI | Azure |

LMS solution VI-NSIGHT

VI-NSIGHT is a cloud based learning management system designed for corporate trainings. An enterprise friendly, scalable, affordable solution to corporate training.

With VI-NSIGHT show employees how the theory and concepts of learning directly relate to what they do on the job.

Get an instant e-certificate upon course completion.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 175 fully featured services from data centers globally. Open Ascension helps clients move to AWS, develop cloud-first applications in AWS and, supports, advises and, implements hybrid cloud strategies as a core part of its consulting services. In today’s data and applications strategy demands a cloud consideration and Amazon Web Services is a solid choice among public clouds.

Kafka is used for real-time streams of data, to collect big data, or to do real time analysis (or both). Kafka is used with in-memory microservices to provide durability and it can be used to feed events to CEP (complex event streaming systems) and IoT/IFTTT-style automation systems.

As an example, stream processing, website activity tracking, metrics collection and monitoring, log aggregation, real-time analytics, CEP, ingesting data into Spark, ingesting data into Hadoop, CQRS, replay messages, error recovery, and guaranteed distributed commit log for in-memory computing (microservices).

A remarkable and advanced solution, Open Ascension provides Kafka advisory, use case validation, education, implementation and support services.

To further our commitment to Kafka for our clients provide for advanced features, addons and, integrations as well as world class product support of Kafka, Open Ascension partners with the foundational open source support company, Confluent to best ensure that Kafka is a success. So, after the PoC and the pilot are complete and the vision is to leverage Kafka enterprise wide, Confluent is THE enterprise configuration you will want and Ascension Tech will quote and execute the Confluent contracts.

Today, with many public cloud options, understanding the use, the case, the vision and the overall use of cloud typically weighs heavy with a public cloud provider selection. While many will indicate that Google’s version/offering is a lesser than option, there are a myriad of cases where AWS and Azure are overkill, don’t fit and can become experience against an ROI that a company needs to hit. As well, there are fewer and fewer organizations that boast a single public cloud provider. To this, Google’s Cloud offering is a great option as primary or secondary cloud provider. Open Ascension offers the knowledge and case exploration to ensure that your cloud is the right cloud for today and forward. With GCP, you have ease of use, low cost service, best in class capability and, it might just be right for you and your use cases or, as a second provider.


Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Kubernetes Features, service discovery and load balancing, service topology, storage orchestration, Self-healing, automated roll outs and rollbacks, secret and configuration management, automatic bin packing, allocation of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to Pods and Services, batch execution, in addition to services, Kubernetes can manage your batch and CI workloads, replacing containers that fail and horizontal scaling.

Open Ascension understands the advent of cloud native, today’s necessity of auto service and provisioning for public clouds and, offers its cloud native services to support your next application build, migration or ongoing management and support of Kubernetes.

Another one of Ascension Tech’s cutting-edge innovation technologies it brings to market is H2O. It brings an ease and sophistication to Ai that clients look for, want and are delighted to adopt to ensure success in category.

H2O.ai is the open source leader in AI and machine learning with a mission to democratize AI for everyone.Our industry-leading enterprise-ready platforms are used by hundreds of thousands of data scientists in over 20,000 organizations globally. We empower every company to be an AI company in financial services, insurance, healthcare, telco, retail, pharmaceutical, and marketing and delivering real value and transforming businesses today.

Contact Ascension Technolgies to arrange a knowledge session, a demonstration and discuss development on this best in class Ai platform.

Clients leverage us to conceive, build and implement their foundation of insight via Big Data solutions and consulting services to begin their journey to maximized business viability. To take them from their current system to a new open source system to enhance a current platform in order to make the leap to PREDICTIVE and become a data-driven organization IOT | Data Lake | Big Data | Customer360 | Decision Optimization | Supply Chain | Personalized Advertising | Machine Learning | Cognitive Systems | Cloud

Apache Hadoop is a collection of open-source software utilities that facilitate using a network of many computers to solve problems involving massive amounts of data and computation. It provides a software framework for distributed storage and processing of big data using the MapReduce programming model.

Long time veterans of open source, Open Ascension leverages open source where plausible and, builds develops and innovates with these OS applications continually. Hadoop, the big data, data lake, IoT foundational technology will allow for low cost store on commodity level hardware in support or advance, predictive, cognitive, and Ad-hoc analytics.

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